10 best dog breeds for apartments

Not everyone can afford a lavish house or a big villa to live in. According to statistics, there are about 50% of people on this planet that are living a life that can be called a “Middle Class” life. Out of these middle-class people, there are very few percentages of people who have a house big enough for a family of 4-5 and a big pet.


10 best dog breeds for apartments

Most people in present times prefer to live in apartments rather than their own house. It has several advantages, such as low cost of living, free amenities, and many more. For people living in apartments, it might be difficult to pet a dog due to scarcity of space and some restrictions in society. If the shortage of space is the problem, then this article is for you.
In this article, we will try to solve this problem of having a dog as a pet in apartments. We will show you the 10 best dog breeds for apartments.

Qualities of a Good Apartment Dog

There are some qualities that you should check for in a dog before considering him to be a pet. Size: The size of the dog doesn’t matter that much as there are some small dogs that are quite energetic and cannot fit well in confined spaces. This doesn’t mean a large lazy dog will be perfect for your apartment. Large dogs need more space to run and do his daily chores. Taming a large breed dog can be difficult as apartments have fewer open spaces for him to roam around and play.

Barking: For an apartment, consider a dog that doesn’t bark too much. Some dogs have a habit of barking at everything due to their aggressive nature. While some dogs are quite disciplined and don’t bark at all, you might want to give preference to the other kind, i.e., disciplined one because you don’t want to disturb the neighboring apartments.

Friendly: The dog you own should be familiar with everyone. Outside the family of dogs, he should not be aggressive towards someone in society, especially small children.

Calm and Disciplined Behavior: Dogs living in small apartments must be of peaceful behaviour. If the dog is too energetic and always jumping, running, and playing, he might break things or make other people uncomfortable in such a small space.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

Here is the list of top 10 dog breeds that are perfect for keeping in small living conditions like Apartments:

1) Bichon Frise


They are small and fluffy dogs. Even in adulthood, they do not grow more than 1-1.5 feet. They are very friendly, and the unique thing about them is that they shed very little hair and dander. If anyone in your family suffers from dog allergies, Bichon Frise might be the best option.

Bichon Frise is also very playful and energetic. Not too active to cause problems but enough to keep small children safe and busy. The dog can bear hot weather without any problem. He might not feel comfortable during extreme cold situations. Bichon Frise is absolutely friendly with strangers and also doesn’t bark much.

2) Havanese


These dogs are very loving towards their owner and love to spend every second of their day with them. A Havanese does not demand walks and games outside; they just like to cuddle with their owner lying in bed.

You might think they are lazy, but that is not the case, when they are excited, they become extremely energetic and start jumping everywhere. A Havanese is also called as “Velcro Dog,” and they are quite hairy, which makes them attractive.
There is no doubt that they are extremely friendly with strangers and children; they are also very friendly towards other dogs and tend to play with them with love. This lovely breed can also tolerate both hot and cold weather. With all these qualities a Havanese can be a perfect choice as a pet in your apartment

3) Basenji


A basenji has enormous ears, which make them look different from other dogs. These dogs bark the least. They are perfect for apartments that are attached to other apartments with thin walls. Hot weather provides an ideal living condition for them, but they cannot tolerate cold weather at all. So if you live where it snows a lot, you might want to check out other options.

In terms of friendliness and approach towards children, they are one of the loveliest dog breeds you will ever find. Their friendly behavior makes them one of the best options for families who have a lot of guests.
Another great thing about a Basenji is that they shed very little hair and dander. This makes them safe for people and children who suffer from dog allergies.

4) Pug

Pugs are probably one of the most popular choices for small dogs and the most liked breed by small children. They are very small of about 1 foot, and they barely bark unless someone provokes them. They are extremely friendly with everyone, and they love to play with children.

Snoring while sleeping can become a problem if you let him sleep beside you because they snore very loudly. A pug can weigh up to 18lbs, which is not much. So you can carry your pug down & up the stairs without any problem. They are low maintenance dogs and don’t require frequent grooming sessions.

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5) Bulldog

You must have heard of the Bulldog. Their strong names make them sound terrifying and bully, but they are opposite, While they might be bully for other dogs but not for people. Bulldogs are very friendly and delightful with other people and children.

The special quality which makes them a perfect choice for living in an apartment is that they are very lazy. Their laziness makes them just sit around all day, eat, sleep, and play if anyone wants. The dog is happy even if you just take him for a short walk. Bulldog cannot live in any extreme weather. Warm and a little cool is suitable for Bulldog.

6) Chihuahua

You must have heard about this breed because Chihuahuas are known as the world’s smallest breed of dog. A newborn Chihuahua can even fit in your palm. Their small size makes them perfect for small living conditions. They can literally fit inside a box or a basket.

These small beings are very friendly towards children in the house but might not be very playful with strangers. Once a stranger becomes known to him, he will behave in a lovely manner.
Chihuahuas can live in a bit of hot weather but cannot tolerate cold weather. The shedding of hair and dander by them is minimal, and there is nothing to worry about any dog allergies.

7) Dachshund

Dachsunds are very small dogs with tiny legs. Their legs make them look cute and different from other small breed dogs. They need very little exercise because of the small body and legs. This means they can exercise indoors and don’t need to go for frequent walks.

A dachshund is among one of the top friendliest dogs for small children. They are also friendly with other dogs in the environment. The only problem they have is that they are not very friendly with strangers and tend to bark at them. If you have frequent meetings with guests and friends in your apartment, your dog might not be like it.
Do not pet a dachshund if you live in a cold-weather environment. They can tolerate some heat but cannot bear cold weather.

8) Lhasa Apso

A Lhasa Apso is a small breed dog that doesn’t grow more than a foot. With some training and social exercises, they can be the most loving and friendly dogs. An Apso also needs very little maintenance. Cleaning and grooming them from time to time is important.
A Lhasa Apso might shed a lot of hair and dander, which can be a problem for anyone with dog allergies.

They are friendly dogs and children can play with them safely. Apso is not bothered by the guests and strangers in the house and is friendly with them too.
The good thing is that these dogs can tolerate cold weather easily. It can tolerate some heat but not at extreme temperatures.

9) Maltese

Maltese are extremely cute and attractive dog breeds that children love to play with. The special thing about Maltese is that they don’t have an undercoat, and they shed very little. So no cleaning of hair and dander from ground and bed.
They are extremely loyal to their owners and suffer from separation anxiety. A Maltese will become depressed and sad if you leave him alone at home; they cannot live in isolation. It is advised to own a Maltese only if there is someone to care for him every time.
Their tolerance towards hot and cold weather is not extreme. They are comfortable in warm conditions.

10) Manchester Terrier

A Manchester Terrier is a smart and loyal dog who can easily be trained to adapt to any living environment. They also suffer from separation anxiety, just like Maltese. When they are home alone, they tend to bark and break things in anger and anxiety. So again, only pet one if you have someone who can take care of the terrier every second.
They don’t need frequent grooming sessions and shed lesser than other dogs.
A Manchester terrier can tolerate Hot weather but not cold.

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