Best to keep it cool with no.1 Air-condition dog house amazon loves


Air-condition dog house amazon

What will be the best Airconditioned dog house on Amazon?have you thought about it?


In this article we will talk about why u need air condition for your dog,why they need them and which one is one of the best air-condition dog house amazon has.Hope this article will guide you in your search.

Do dogs need Air conditioning?

Most pet owners and veterinarians would answer to this question as yes, you should keep the air conditioning on for your dogs. … Keep in mind that the normal body temperature for cats and dogs are 3-4 degrees higher than humans, so if it is convenient for you to stay in that temperature, it is most probably convenient for your dogs/cats too.

How can I keep my dog's house cool?

To keep the dog house cool there are quite a few ways we can do that,

  • firstly,you can choose a shady area to keep the dog house and limit the dog’s exposure to the sun when it is outside your house. If possible, keep the make sue you have dog house under a tree for shade.
  • Ventilate the dog house to provide airflow inside it.
  • Buy a dog cooling bed. …something like this from Amazon.Click the image below to see the latest pricings

Best to keep it cool with no.1 Air-condition dog house amazon loves 7Best to keep it cool with no.1 Air-condition dog house amazon loves 8

Put an air conditioner in your dog’s home.One of the best I found on amazon is this one

Best to keep it cool with no.1 Air-condition dog house amazon loves 9

Details of the air condition dog house amazon:

·         2-4 inches of real foam (Styro/EPS) insulation in each and every panel

·         Easy pass-through, self-closing, well fitted insulated door (not a “flap”)

·         Dog Palace sized for medium to large dogs (Lab thru Small St. Bernard)

·         Self Storing window panes easily reposition from winters Closed position to summers Open cross ventilation position without tools.

·         Floor is insulated and raised 4″ to provide a dry and warm bedding area.



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How cold is too cold for an outside dog?

Well, it all depends on breeds. When temperatures begin to fall below 45 ° F, some breeds that are reluctant to feel cold will feel uncomfortable and will need protection. For owners of small breeds, puppies, older dogs or thin-haired breeds, whenever the outside temperature is 32 ° F or lower, pull out sweaters or coats.

Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner showed off her luxurious air condition dog house (ofcourse that wasn’t from Amazon).She actually custom-built for her canines – and it is nicer than many apartments where people are living.Jenner gave her followers a tour of the dog mansion on Instagram, which comes with heating and air conditioning.

The deluxe dog house also has a white fence and a small porch – and looks large enough to accommodate people, even though it was built for Jenner’s miniature dogs.
In the video, the 20-year-old can be heard saying: “It’s almost done. They’re going to have their own little… it’s like a guest house.”
Despite being built for dogs, fans of the reality star have expressed their envy over the spacious lodging.
have a look at Kylie’s 3rd July 2018 Snapchat story.

What is the ideal direction the dog house should be facing?

The ideal direction for your dog house should be opposite to where the sun rises. So that would be west. Putting your dog house in the west will make your dog house remain cool for a longer duration,even if the air-conditioned has been turned off. You should also take into consideration, the general weather conditions in your state or country. If it becomes too windy or stormy, then face the dog house in the opposite direction of the storms. This would protect the dogs even better against the winds and storms.

Here are some videos you would like about Air condition dog house.

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