Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets

Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets

Little puppies are delightful beings who can make anyone smile by their adorable looks and actions. If you have a puppy or had one in the past, you know how it feels to just look at him playing, sleeping, eating, or doing anything.


Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets

For a kid in the house, puppies are like their little best friends with whom they like to play the whole day. The bond between them is lovely and ever-lasting.
The most difficult part about having a puppy is, taking care of him all the time. They are small and immature, they don’t know what is good for them and what is not.

We as adults have to take care of these beings. By taking care we mean, grooming them, keeping them safe from dangerous things like wires, stones, etc., training them, and most importantly providing them a nutritious diet.

When dogs are young they are very energetic. Their body is in the fastest-growing phase of their life. All they need is proper nutrition and a healthy diet to get all the energy they need for their day and keep them healthy.

We might not select the best products for our dogs due to a lack of knowledge about the dog’s body. Veterinaries, on the other hand, have a handful of knowledge on this subject and can recommend some of the best dog foods in the market.

So in this article, we will show you some of the best dog food that is available in the market recommended by vets. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each product.

Nutrients and Ingredients required in the diet for a puppy

Before buying dog food for your little friend, take a note at the number of nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, grains, etc. it provides.

There is a certain limit to which every nutrient must be present in the dog food, so to provide the required energy to the dog and also keep his digestion and body safe.
Below are some nutrients and ingredients that are to be included in every meal of your puppy.

Protein: One of the most essential nutrients for any dog is Protein. Dogs need it to create amino acids that keep the skin and hair healthy. Protein intake also helps in building strong muscles and tissues. A regular diet for any puppy must have at least 25% protein in it. Good sources of protein are fish, chicken, meat, pork, beef, goat, etc.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are important because they provide the energy required to carry out daily tasks. A high amount of carbohydrates should be given to puppies to provide that dose of energy every day. Carbohydrates are converted to a simple sugar complex that is easily absorbed by the body.

Fats: You may think if your dog eats more fat content he can get heavy and obese. This is not absolutely true. Fats and oils are required by the dog’s body to absorb some vital vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, etc.
Fat content should be around 10-15% in every day’s diet.

Grains and other ingredients: Some digestible grains can help dogs as they are a great source of nutrition. Some vegetables and fruits can help your dog have a healthy skin and fur.

Best Dog Food for Puppies recommended by vets

1.) Blue Buffalo Puppy Food

Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 21Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 22

Blue Buffalo Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo is one of the top brands that produce premium-quality dog food in the market. With real meat inside it ensures your puppy gets the best-quality protein from the diet. The vitamins and minerals available through this food is unmatched in terms of quality.

This puppy food also has an abundant amount of vegetables and fruits that are easily digestible by your puppy. The veggies inside also help your puppy to have a strong immune system.

1) Protein present is of high quality and quantity.
2) The vitamins and minerals available in this diet are pure and of the best quality.
3) Food also contains important vegetables and fruits.

1) With premium-quality comes a premium price.

2) The dog food is more expensive than other products in the market.

2.) IAMS Proactive Health

Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 23Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 24

IAMS Proactive Health

One of the top choices of wet dog foods in the market is IAMS Proactive health. Wet dog foods are those products that are enriched with water. This provides a proper amount of hydration and ensures the fine working of all the organs. Wet dog food also helps in making the food easily chewable.

The only problem with wet food is that, due to a high amount of water inside, some important vitamins and minerals are absent.
But this is not the case with IAMS Proactive Health dog food. This product has managed to provide your puppy with a proper hydrating diet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The product is packed with several omega fatty acids that help in nourishing the hair and skin of your puppy.

1) Wet food helps in keeping the puppy hydrated.
Several important vitamins and minerals are also present.
2) The diet is enriched with omega fatty acids that are easily digestible.

1) The food is very smooth and gives no dental benefits to the puppy while chewing.

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3.) IAMS Dry Puppy Food

Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 25Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 26

IAMS Dry Puppy Food

Another product by one of the leading producers, IAMS. This differs from the previous product in the list, in terms of water content inside. This is dry dog food which has very little moisture in it, but it has more proteins and minerals than wet food. You can dip the dry kibble inside the water and feed it to your puppy. This will keep him hydrated and all the important minerals will also enter his body.

In this IAMS Dry dog food, the main ingredient is real chicken, which makes it delicious and enriched with protein. The meat is real and no artificial flavor or additives are added.
The kibble in this product is filled with antioxidants which are essential for a healthy immune system to fight off bacteria.

1) The real meat in the form of chicken is the main ingredient.
2) Protein value in the food is very high.
3) This dog food is cheaper than other available products in the market.

1) Some water is required to make the food edible.

4.) Premium Protection Puppy Food

Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 27Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 28

IAMS Premium Protection Puppy Food

Premium Protection Puppy Food is aimed towards puppies that are 1 to 12 months old. The food benefits several parts of the body.
With 22 different essential nutrients present inside, the product focuses on the healthy growth of the puppy and also on brain and vision development.

Chewing this food will keep the teeth of the puppy strong and will provide other dental benefits. A perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates gives the puppy adequate energy and good health.

1) The food is very good for the teeth and jaws.
2) It also nourishes the brain and eyesight.
3) A good amount of protein in the diet.
4) The price of this dog food is very affordable.

1) Some water as a hydrating topper is required.
2) Fatty acids like omega are absent from the diet.

5.) Earthborne Holistic Vantage Puppy Food

Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 29Best Dog food for puppies recommended by Vets 30

Earthborne Holistic Vantage Puppy Food

Earthborne Holistic Puppy Food is also one of the top choices for your puppy just because they use organic and natural resources wherever they can. Most of the dog food manufacturers just don’t care about the authenticity of the ingredients they put in the dog food.

This dog food also has essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are very important for the proper development of vision and brain.
The unique thing about this product is that for each product sold, there is some part of the price that is donated to tree planting and conservation organizations. This way you can keep your puppy healthy and also can help in cleaning the environment.

1) The vitamins and minerals in the diet are very well balanced.
2) Some part of the price is donated for tree planting and conservation.
3) The ingredients in the food are organic and natural.

1) This dog food is expensive than other products in the market.

Food items that your puppy should avoid Eating

There are a lot of dog foods out there and many ingredients in your house that can help your puppy to grow. But, there are also some food items that your puppy should avoid to ensure healthy digestion and avoid illness.

Cow Milk: While milk is beneficial for puppies as it is a good source of protein, it should not come from a cow. Puppy’s mother’s milk is considered as the most trusted and healthy for the puppy. Cow’s milk might not be fatal, the problem is puppies cannot digest that milk properly and can cause serious indigestion problems like diarrhea.

Chocolate and Coffee: It’s ok if your day doesn’t start without a sip of coffee. But, don’t think your puppy can chill after drinking caffeine or a bite of chocolate. There are chemicals like methylxanthines that can cause serious health issues like, diarrhea, abnormal heart activities, excessive urination, seizures, and in extreme cases death.

Raw Meat: Raw meat can be an excellent source of proteins for your puppy but it is also a house for some bacteria like Salmonella and Coli. These bacteria can weaken the immune system and affect the process of vitamin absorption in the puppies’ body.

Onion and Garlic: If a little amount of onion and garlic enter the puppies’ body, they cause no harm. But, if the amount is excessive they can cause food poisoning and can make them seriously ill.

Grapes and Raisins: While it is unclear what chemicals exist inside grapes and raisins that can make dogs sick if ingested, but it is advised to keep your pooch away from them. If ingested in good quantity can cause problems like kidney failure.

For more info on this topic, you can refer to these videos:

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