How to make your dog come when you call?

dog calls to come back to you | Find out How to make your dog come when you call

First of all, We have to figure out the reasons why your dog is not coming back to you when you are calling?


There could be many reasons for your dog not to come. However, when dogs fail to come, this behavior comes under two categories:

1) Active disobedience
2)Passive disobedience.


Let’s start with passive disobedience-When you call the dog, and the dog refuses to come back to you after repeated calling, and it isn’t doing much else. Instead, it is merely standing, sitting, or lying down and watches its owner call.
2) With active disobedience, however, the dog not only refuses to come back to you when you call but apart from that is having a very good time by not coming back to you. That is the time; you should think, to get some significant training sessions for your dog.
Now, as we understood the behavior, let’s see what we can do to prevent this disobedience happening?

1) First of all, for this condition you are responsible. The dog might have adopted this behavior because they think that the fun they are happening might finish once they come back to you. So make sure Never scold your dog if they come back when called even if it takes them forever to go back. As they don’t know the reason for the shout but will remember as the outcome of them coming back to you. So avoid it at all costs


2) Use a consistent cue – or a whistle. If the dog has started running from you, don’t shout at your dog. Keep in mind, if you are yelling your hearts out to call your dog back, it will be running even faster away from you.

Dogs ignore your calls and turn a blind eye and refuse to come back when called because they have discovered training and playtime is exclusive. Thus, the dog gets the feeling to run away and keep having the fun, they are doing. The dog is afraid to go back to its owner because they think that if they go back the good times will finish.

3) Try to start building trust with your dog, and if there is a need, you can use high-value treats to teach and maintain an active recall.
If your dog listens to your call and comes back to you, praise your dog by saying some encouraging words like “good boy/girl”.Try touching their collar and just wave a food treat in front of their nose. However, you don’t have to feed them that treat, especially if your dog doesn’t come back in the first call.


4) Make sure every call you make for your dog is like a party. You shouldn’t be giving treats every time if he is coming back when you call. That would be a bit too much. You can always give him something to play around or can provide a toy or even ask your dog to fetch a ball. That is enough to let the adrenaline rush in your dog, and the excitement will always be there.

5) Use a long line or a leash. So rather than going after him and can do a small nudge or pull to make them understand what you want. Make sure you don’t pull it aggressively or drag your dog

 When will it be worth it, and when should you stop giving treats?

Getting your dog to come the first time is the hardest part. But, as with all troubleshooting procedures, it gets much more relaxed with each attempt. Have the other owner or any friend accompany you and ask them to time it. Check out how long it takes for you to get your dog to come back, and you will soon notice that you have will have proof of dramatic improvement within just a few trials.
I hope that the article was helpful. We have made a short video addressing and summarizing all the points mentioned here. Check it out



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