How to train a dog not to attack cats?


How to train a dog not to attack cats

how to train a dog not to attack cats

When we talk about human’s best friend, we talk about dogs. We admire so much about these four-legged mute creatures and their qualities like loyalty, obedience, helping others make them more friendly and lovable above all the other animals for humans.


While there are many things to admire about the dogs, there are some qualities that make them irritating and scary sometimes. Dogs are cute and obedient, but we should not forget they are the descendants of a pack of wolves, A furious hunter in the jungle. One such quality of dog that is annoying is not getting along other animals, especially cats.

What is in this article?


In this article, we will talk about how to train a dog not to attack cats?

 We will also discuss why dog attacks cat and how to keep your cat safe from other dogs.

Why does a dog attacks a cat?

Everyone who has a dog has once thought of this question; that why his dog gets offensive around cats. Well, the answer is short and straightforward. A dog attack cats because he sees the cat as an enemy or as prey.

The dog gets jealous if he sees any other four-legged being hovering over his premises or his owner showing love to any other animal.

It’s just a wild instinct for a dog to attack the cat. He may or may not eat the cat, but he wants to hurt her and teach her a lesson. 

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Important things to consider before training

trained_dog_imageThere are certain things to consider before training your dog not to attack cats.
  • You need a cat for this training. It can be your own, or you can take the help of a friend’s cat.
  • The cat should remain protected and safe during the training of the dog.
  • To keep the cat safe, buy a big sturdy cage for the cat to fit in, and stay protected.
  • Another option is to attach a short leash to the dog to control him whenever he tries to attack the cat during training.
  • Prepare or buy some good quality food for the dog as a reward if he is doing correctly.
  • The dog should have some basic training of obeying simple commands like sit, stand, fetch, and stand.
  • Both the dog and the cat must be perfectly healthy and fit for the training.
  • None of both the animals must carry any allergen that can harm one another.

How to train a dog not to attack cats

There can be several ways to teach your dog not to attack cats, but we will talk about the two simpler ones.

1) Teaching the dog to ignore the cat:

dog_taking_care_of_cat_imageIn this method, the trainer will teach the dog to ignore the presence of a cat.
  • Bring a cat home or take your cat and put her in a secure cage to protect her.
  • Give her something to play, eat, or drink to keep her busy during the training of the dog.
  • Bring the dog to the same place where the cat is kept.
  • Give a lot of food and treat to the dog to keep him busy and to yourself.
  • Play with the dog or train your dog for obedience commands or do anything to keep him busy.
  • If the dog starts to threaten the cat or tries to attack her, protect the cat, and say “NO” to the dog. If he again concentrates on you, give him food and reward.
  • Until the dog is comfortable with the cat, keep practicing like this.
  • After a good practice, the dog will learn to ignore the presence of the cat and concentrate on other things.

2) Teaching the dog to behave when a cat is present:

For this method, the dog must have some basic training already done. The dog must understand basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’

  • Bring the cat in the room where the dog has to be trained.
  • Bring the dog.
  • Do not forget to put a short leash on the dog for the safety of the cat.
  • When both the animals are in the room, command your dog to sit and look at you.
  • If he obeys the command, reward him.
  • If he tries to attack the cat or move towards her, pull the leash and command again to sit.
  • Always reward the dog when he obeys the command in the presence of the cat.
  • After some practice, put a longer leash on the dog.
  • When the dog starts to understand that he doesn’t have to attack the cat, remove the leash, and set him free.
  • Before performing the previous step, keep in mind the cat should have some way of escaping if the dog loses control. The cat should be protected.
  • If the dog tries to attack the cat, put the leash back on, and try again.


These are the two methods with which one can train the dog not to attack the cat. The most important thing to remember during training is to keep the cat safe from any danger because things can go sideways. After proper training, the dog will never attack the cat, and both animals can leave peacefully together.

To know more about how to train a dog not to attack cats, refer these videos

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Dogs and Cats by Steve Jenkins

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