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We at Petsbesty make sure your privacy is safeguarded with us.We make ensure that all visitors visiting our website has their information secure.we understand that most of the visitors visiting are children,hence all necessary measures are taken in place that website is all safe for them.Hence the content and images posted on website are viewable for kids of all age groups.


We don’t store or use any personal information about any individual visiting the site. The only information stored is of general purposes only which are quite limited to number of people visiting the website or which website they got referred from.

Sharing and Disclosure of information with third parties

All data collected by us is kept confidential.However all our data is quite limited and will only be shared if we need to by law or under any legal obligation. We might send you news,tips and other information if you have consented to give those details thru email. You can,at any given time opt out from the email list and the system will delete that data by itself from our servers.

Links to other website might have links from other websites which might be affiliate links or use of session cookies.please note petsbesty dont own those websites and it will be best if you contact those website directly incase of any issues.We try our best that the link on the website is from trustful, authority websites for example amazon, but at the same time leave it up the visitors due diligence and their own research.

Contacts, feedback and complaints

If at any stage, you have any questions ,or have any complains in regards to the content mentioned on the website, you can reach us on [email protected]


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