3 Top rated dog life jackets !Absolutely reliable

We have reviewed 3 top-rated dog life jackets for you this year.Check out their latest prices and detailed in depth comparisons below.

3 Top-rated dog life jackets! absolutely reliable 253 Top-rated dog life jackets! absolutely reliable 26
3 Top-rated dog life jackets! absolutely reliable 273 Top-rated dog life jackets! absolutely reliable 28
3 Top-rated dog life jackets! absolutely reliable 293 Top-rated dog life jackets! absolutely reliable 30

Does your dog enjoy the open sea? Some dogs love boating with their owners, and who can blame them for that?


While navigational dogs make excellent captains, they must be equipped with the proper equipment to keep them safe. Just like both adults and children need a life jacket, so do dogs and their puppies.



Why Do Dogs Need Life Vests? Can’t They Swim?

Well ! some dog breeds are great swimmers, but even the best paddlers can’t swim long and if an unfortunate disaster strikes while at sea, your dog is no more likely to swim safely than you.The other reason to note is dogs often swim only with their front legs when they are unsure in the water, which makes them easily get tired. Life jackets help to keep dogs buoyancy on the water surface and encourage all four legs to be used while swimming



Although even water-loving dogs should be equipped with life jackets. This is even more important for dogs with low body fat, such as greyhounds, older dogs, and dogs with poor health or mobility.

Do dogs really need life jackets?

The answer is Yes. Prevention is better than cure.The reason is because your body already has some buoyancy, the life vest does not have to support all your body weight. He just has to move enough to keep his head above the water. It is important to have a life jacket that suits you. Life jackets also help keep your body warm if you fall into cold water and helps restoring your body heat.

What Should We Look For In A Dog's Life Jacket? ​

1) Buoyancy. Of course you will want a dog life jacket with the right amount of buoyancy to keep your pet floating in the water. Some dog life vests have floats under the abdomen, as well as the back and sides. Some vests also have floatation in the neck area to help keep your dog’s head above water.

2) Bright colour. Brightly colored jackets help your dog stay more visible in the water and protect it from sailors or jet skiers. Many life jackets also feature reflective material for higher visibility.

3) Handle. If you need to pull the dog out of the water, you must have a firm grip or handle on the dog’s life jacket. This lifting ability means that in some cases, a dog jacket can work double than the dog harness.However, if you have an aged dog that has mobility impairments, it is best to choose a dog harness that is specifically designed to be lifted.

4) Size and Fit. Make sure you are buying one of the top rated life jacket that has an ideal size and fit for your dog. the other thing to look for is comfort level.Dog should sit and lie down comfortably, and can defecate. For the most appropriate, make sure to measure the thickness and torso of your dog and choose a suitable size.

Continue reading for detailed and in depth review about top-rated dog life jacket

Best suited for Kayakers and active water dogs

About: Float Coat Ruffwear is one of the highest rated dog vests of exceptional quality and reliability. Although it has a little higher price, it is definitely well-deserved because this dog vest is of the highest quality

  • CANINE LIFE VEST: Life vest only for dogs; Ideal for rafting, canoeing, boating, surfing, paddling and swimming
    • EASY SWIMMING: Strategically placed foam panels with closed cells allow the dog to swim naturally and maintain an upright position; Strong, low-profile handle at the back that helps dogs get out of the water
    • ADJUSTABLE FIT: The telescopic neck closure adapts to different shapes and is securely attached; Easily fastened buckles hold the straps firmly
    • PERMANENT FIT: Waterproof tapes maintain stability in a humid environment
    • REFLECTIVE FINISH: Visibility in low light for added security; Integrated loop for attaching the Beacon lamp.


The Ruffwear float coat life jacket is made of extremely durable, wear-resistant material and has a top handle that allows you to pull the dog out of the water if needed.


The jacket also has strategically placed foam panels with closed cells that allow your dog to stay in a natural swimming position. The telescopic neck fastening of the jacket is adjustable, which helps in the natural and comfortable movement of the dogs.


You will notice that this jacket has additional flotation under your dog’s belly to ensure it stays afloat. There are also no exposed straps or buckles to avoid the risk of dangerous attachment. Finally, we love that this jacket has reflective finishes – so you can easily see your dog in the water, even at dusk or when the waves are a little rough.



This dog life jacket is available in several sizes from xx-small to x-large. It also comes in many fun colors, including yellow, orange, dark red, bright red, and blue with pink highlights.



Owners love this life jacket for many reasons, and many reviewers are impressed by the quality of the material and the additional flotation under the dog’s belly to keep the dog afloat (a feature that is not always found in other dog life jackets).

Many buyers were also very happy that this vest had no exposed straps or buckles. Everything can be hidden, and the owners are sure that their dog will not catch any foreign objects. Canoeists noticed that this feature was particularly helpful when lifting a pet into a kayak.

The price of this jacket is little bit more than others but worth paying that extra price

Best suited for affordability and quality

About: The HAOCOO Life Jacket has a high quality life jacket available in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can select a reasonably standard life jacket form if your puppy prefers to keep things discreet, or you can choose from a variety of fun and silly styles that resemble mermaids, sharks or lobsters. There are 15 different options in total.

·      MATERIALS: high quality Oxford polyester fabric and nylon, mesh fabric, pearl cotton. Oxford nylon fabric is ripstop, and the mesh fibre allows for quick drying and proper drainage.

·      DIMENSION: Available for 5 sizes, from S to XXL, fits all dog sizes. Refer to the dimension table to choose the right size for your dog.

·      CONVENIENCE: Adjustable strap and quick-release buckles to make your dog fit comfortably, easy to put on and take off. Top handle for quick and easy gripping. The durable D-ring hook is ideal for a dog leash.


·      SAFETY: The front float helps keep the dog’s head above water. Reflective stripes and bright colors for maximum visibility.

Each style is made of the highest quality materials, because they are all made of high quality oxford polyester fabric and nylon, mesh fabric and pearl cotton foam. Two belly straps and a chest strap (each with a quick-release clip) will keep the vest tightly attached to your dog, and the reflective straps are attached so that your dog is clearly visible.

On the back there is a handle that makes it easy to lift the dog or help him get out of the water, and on the back there is a D-ring that allows you to attach a leash or strap. The life vest comes in seven different sizes:

XXS: Body length: 5.9 inches / Neck circumference: 7.5-10.6 inches / Body circumference: 11.0-14.6 inches / Weight: 3.5 oz

XS: Body length: 8.3 inches / Neck circumference: 9.8-13.8 inches / Body circumference: 11.8-16.5 inches / Weight: 5.3 oz

S: Body length: 10.2 inches / Neck circumference: 14.2-18.5 inches / Body circumference: 16.1-20.9 inches / Weight: 5.6 oz

M: Body length: 11.8 inches / Neck circumference: 15.7-18.9 inches / Body circumference: 16.1-24.8 inches / Weight: 7.1 oz

L: Body length: 13.8 inches / Neck circumference: 16.5-21.3 inches / Body circumference: 19.7-29.5 inches / Weight: 8.8 oz

XL: Body Length: 17.7 inches / Neck Circumference: 19.7-28.0 inches / Body Circumference: 27.6-37.4 inches / Weight: 12.3 oz

XXL: Body length: 18.9 inches / Neck circumference: 24.4-35.4 inches / Body circumference: 34.6-48.8 inches / Weight: 15.9 oz

best dog life saving jacket



The HAOCOO Life Jacket comes with great options to choose also comes up with a promise to fit in most dogs, as it comes in a very wide variety of sizes, styles, and colours. Most dog owners reviewed it that it was very well made, has plenty of buoyancy and provided good value for your dollar.
There are no obvious shortcomings, although several owners had problems with size. It is probably reasonable to make a mistake when choosing a size, because several owners complained that the size they chose was a bit smaller for their puppies.

·      PERFECT FIT – Buckles and chest straps provide a secure fit for any dog size. Please refer to the selection guide on the product pictures. You can also contact live chat on the Outward Hound website for help in resizing.

·      RIGHT SIZE – Choose from XS to XL and refer to the size guide to order the best matching dog vest for your furry friend. Remember that all puppies are special and special, especially yours! Sizes may vary from dog to dog. Select the size after each measurement listed in the table. And consider all other unique features (large shoulders, long torso, etc.).

·      DOUBLE RESCUE HANDLES – Life jackets for medium, large and large dogs are built with double handles for easy rescue and holding


·      HIGH VISIBILITY – Never lose sight of your dog thanks to the bright orange colors and reflective trims



Given the huge number of satisfied customers and the extremely affordable price, we can definitely recommend the Outward Hound dog life jacket as an elegant choice.

Some buyers have found the fitting sizes to be little bit different than the sizes of their dogs. That required the return and re-purchase of different sizes.

How to measure your dog for life jacket?

Different manufacturers use different measurements to determine the right size of life jacket, but mostly they depend on a combination of three different measurements.

 To get the measurements by doing the following (you’ll need a tape measure): ·      Chest circumference:  Wrap the tape around the dog’s chest to measure the circumference of the chest. Remember to measure your dog’s chest for the most part, usually just behind your front legs.

Neck circumference: Usually, life jackets are located at the interface between the dog’s neck and body. Just wrap the tape measure around the lower neck near your arms.    

Back length: Most life jacket manufacturers recommend measuring the length of the dog’s back from the point where the neck meets the shoulders / back, to a point 5 to 10 cm in front of the base of the tail.

Weight: Some manufacturers also provide weight guidelines to ensure that the life vest provides sufficient buoyancy to keep the dog afloat. Therefore, be sure to choose a vest that matches your dog’s weight if this information is provided.

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