What are the best Dog Clippers for Poodles?

We have reviewed some dog hair clippers for poodles and selected these clippers as the top 3 options.

what are the best dog clippers for poodles

People tame a lot of different dogs, varying from the dangerous big ones to the cutest small ones. The dangerous big ones like Caucasian Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc. can be found in very few places like countryside homes and defence agencies. The small cute dogs are quite popular everywhere around and favored among small children.

While there are several cute breeds of dogs, there is one exceptional breed that stands out, and that is poodles. Poodles are attractive and intelligent dogs with a hefty fur coating on their body. Their fur makes them look a little different from other breeds.

Grooming your little furry friend is very important to ensure a healthy lifestyle and his well-being. It includes feeding him good quality food, washing and cutting his hair, and his nails. 

Poodles have a layer of fur that grows within 4-6 weeks and need proper grooming. There are several dog hair clippers available in the market that are ideal for poodle hair. In this article, we will discuss what the best dog clipper for poodles is? We will also talk about the pros and cons of each of them.

How to choose a Dog clipper for your poodle?

While buying a clipper, there are certain things to consider which depend upon different situations. Let’s list them down here:

Speed of the Motor: The motor is the engine of the clipper, and it should be robust and reliable. While buying a dog clipper, keep an eye on the speed of the motor. 

There are portions on the poodle’s body that have thick hair. A high-speed motor is required to cut these thick hair properly. The trimmer should have an option of changing speed while cutting hair to adjust according to the situation.

Type of Clipper: There are two types of clippers available in the market. One is cordless, and the other is wired clippers. Cordless clippers work on rechargeable batteries, which need to be charged after use while wired ones do not need charging but are limited to a specific range. 

If you like to cut the hair of your poodle comfortably and have time to charge the batteries go for a cordless one. But if you want a ready to use a clipper and have electric wall sockets around the house, go for wired ones.

Accessories and Tools: Some clippers come in a package that includes other accessories like combs, oil, blade brushes, etc.

These accessories prove to be very useful after the cutting session. With comb and oil, you can style your poodle and give him a lovely look.

Keep an eye on other accessories that are available with the trimmer; otherwise, you have to purchase them separately.

Noise and Vibration Level: Your poodle might get scared by the noise or by the vibration of the clipper. This can cause problems as you cannot cut the hair if your poodle is getting scared and moving.

If you have a chance of using the trimmer before buying or a refund policy, then do check if the clipper makes a loud noise or vibration.

The Wahl Professional Bravura hair trimmer has a perfect build and features, which makes it one of the best options to buy for your poodle. 

This hair clipper comes with an automatic trimming speed control, which can increase and reduce the trimming speed according to the situation. 

The clipper is cordless, so no more tangling of wires while cutting!

The trimmer comes in 6 colors, and each of them is capable of spinning up to 5500 SPM. The compelling motor and color choice makes this trimmer the number one on the list.



  • It has a powerful motor that can rotate up to 5500 SPM.
  • The customer has the option to buy this in 6 different shades.
  • The trimmer is cordless.
  • The battery can be charged in about 60 minutes and can work up to 90 minutes.


  • The package only includes a trimmer and no additional accessories like comb and extra blades.

Wahl Motion Clipper comes with a 5 in 1 adjustable blade that enables cutting with different sizes of blade with just a touch of a button. This helps the customer to cut the nails faster without changing the blade for different situations. The clipper works on rechargeable batteries that take less than an hour to charge completely.

Dogs hate the noise of a trimmer; this clipper takes care of the problem by being silent while cutting.


  • The rechargeable batteries charge entirely in a short time.
  • Many other accessories like a comb are included with the trimmer.
  • It has a 5 in 1 adjustable blade feature.


  • The head of the trimmer is non-detachable, and cleaning it can be tough.

With a lot of extra accessories and tools packages with the trimmer, the AndisEasyClip Blade Clipper is sold as a whole kit. 

The clipper inside the package is smooth and can run at 3700 SPM, but the speed is fixed and non-adjustable. 

The clipper is best suited for beginners as it is simple to use, and the speed is not too fast.


  • Lots of other accessories like combs and oil are included in the package.
  • The speed is not too fast and not too slow.
  • It is well suited for beginner use.
  • The kit comes in a hard case, which makes it easier to carry and store the items.


  • The speed of the trimmer is non-adjustable.
  • The fixed speed might not be enough for some areas.
  • The professionals do not recommend this.

Andis UltraEdge professional pet clipper has more than 4.2 stars on Amazon and is one of a popular choice. The noise creates while cutting is minimal, and your poodle will not notice it.

The motor inside can run at two speeds, which gives more control to the customer while cutting.

Detachable head makes it convenient to cut hair. The blades of this clipper do not come with the package and have to buy from the market separately.


  • Motor has two different speeds of running.
  • The clipper does not make a lot of noise while cutting.
  • The head of the clipper is detachable.


  • It is not cordless.
  • The motor heats up after some intensive grooming session.

Another option for beginners can be the Wahl Professional Home Grooming kit. The motor inside the clipper is powerful enough to run 6000 SPM. 

The trimmer is cordless and requires long hours to charge. Charging time of the clipper can vary from 4-5 hours.

It is a complete grooming kit for your poodle. Hence it comes with various other accessories like oil, combs, scissors, and blade brushes to ensure proper grooming of your little poodle. 


  • The motor is quite strong and can cut even thick hair.
  • The clipper is cordless.
  • It comes with various other accessories and helping tools.
  • An instruction DVD is included in the package for beginners to learn.


  • The charging time of the battery is too much.

This clipper by Oster A6 is one of the silent and very low vibration generating clipper in the market. If your dog is scared by the noise of the clipper or the vibration, Oster A6 might be the right choice for you.

The motor in this clipper can run up to 4400 SPM and has three different speed modes that are slower than this.

The ergonomic design and light weight make it comfortable to cut hair. 

This is not a cordless clipper, which means the customer has to deal with wire while cutting.


  • The trimmer makes almost inaudible sound and very low vibration.
  • The motor of this clipper can run at three different speeds.


  • The clipper is not cordless.
  • The motor is not suited for cutting thick hair.

Another clipper by Oster and a cheaper option for those who don’t want to buy a costly clipper and want to groom their little furry mate. Oster Turbo A5 has a medium power motor that can run up to 4000 SPM. The motor can run at two different speeds, fast and slow. 

The clipper is a little heavier and runs with a cable. The length of the cable is quite long, i.e., 12 inches. 

The clipper is not that quiet but not loud enough to scare the dog.


  • It has two different speeds of the motor.
  • The length of cable is long and sufficient.
  • Its motor can run up to 4000 SPM.


  • The trimmer gets hot after intensive use.
  • It is not cordless.

Andis Pro Clip AGC2 is a very silent clipper for poodles that are annoyed or scared by the noise. It has two different speeds at which the motor can run. One mode is Fast, which can be used to cut thick hair, and another one is slow for areas that are soft and don’t need firm pressure. 

This clipper is very durable and will not break if accidentally drops to the ground. The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold and operate.

The max speed of the motor is not that high but enough to cut most of the hair effortlessly.


  • The body of the clipper is very sturdy and durable.
  • The ergonomics of the clipper make it comfortable to use.
  • It has two speeds at which the motor can run.
  • The clipper is quiet and will not scare your little friend.


  • The blade of the clipper can get very hot sometimes and needs to be cooled down before any further cutting.
  • The max speed of the motor is not enough to cut thick hair, if any.
  • The clipper is a bit heavier than other clippers.

With lots of useful accessories and blade combs, FocusPet provides a very professional clipper for your poodle. The sound of the clipper is inaudible, and the clipper also has five modes of speed control. 

The clipper also generates a very low vibration, which will be beneficial if your poodle doesn’t like a vibrating sensation.


  • Lots of accessories and tools are included with the clipper.
  • The clipper is quiet and generates very low vibration.
  • It has five different modes of speed control.


  • The clipper is a bit heavier.
  • It is not cordless.
  • The blades of this clipper are made from ceramic material. Ceramic blades cannot be re-sharpened. You have to either change the blade or buy a new clipper if the blades dull with time. 

Tips for Grooming your Poodle:

  • Wash your poodle before cutting his hair. Dirty hair might contain bugs and mud that can cause interruptions while cutting hair with the clipper. The dirt can get stuck inside the clipper and can cause malfunction.
  • Keep your poodle calm and still while cutting his hair. If your poodle is moving while cutting, it will be challenging for you to cut correctly. 
  • Be careful and pay attention to the amount of pressure and speed you are applying while cutting the dog’s hair. You don’t want to give your poodle a cut or hurt him. 
  • If your poodle is not in the mood of a grooming session and is resisting it, leave him alone for some time and do not force him. Scaring the poodle or forcing him will be bad for your relationship with him.
  • Make your poodle comfortable with the clipper and show him that it will not hurt him. Give him a reward if he stays calm while cutting.
  • Take care of the clipper too. If the blades of the clipper are getting dull, either sharpen them or replace them if that is possible. With dull blades, it will be harder to cut thick hair and can hair can get stuck inside the blade.
  • Wash the clipper’s blade with lubricant properly from time to time. After some grooming sessions, there might be some hair stuck inside the clipper’s head. Clean those hair stuck inside with a brush or blower.
  • If you have no experience in cutting dog hair, and do not feel comfortable, call an expert and let him do the work. Observe the expert care and try to enact the process next time by yourself.

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