What Is the best chew toy for dogs?

top 3 chew toys for your dog

These are the top 3 chew toys that are perfect for your little chewer. Check their prices and detailed comparisons below.

what is the best chew toy for dogs? 65what is the best chew toy for dogs? 66

Nylabone Dura Chew Plus

what is the best chew toy for dogs? 67what is the best chew toy for dogs? 68

Outward Hound Bionic Ball

what is the best chew toy for dogs? 69what is the best chew toy for dogs? 70

Kong Classic Dog Toy

what is the best chew toy for dogs

Dogs are natural canines evolved from the pack of wolves, who were the apex predators of jungle. Due to this heritage, dogs, when growing up like to chew and tear things. This just makes them feel satisfied and better.

People mostly think this is aggressive behaviour, and their dog should not be doing this. People forbid or punish their dogs for chewing things. They forget that this is a natural habit and cannot be stopped.

Well, you cannot let the dog chew décor stuff or stuff toys in your home, neither can you forbid the natural instinct of the dog. What to do then?

In this article, we will provide you with a solution. We will show you some of the best chewing toys for your dog that he can chew freely without damaging anything.

When and Why to buy a Chew toy?

Every dog, no matter the breed, goes through an age where he feels the need to chew things. He feels this need because of the natural instinct, which makes his jaws and teeth healthy. It also makes the dog satisfied to chew something. 

When this age of your dog approaches, you need to buy him a chew toy.

Buying a chew toy for the dog will protect other household stuff like clothes, fabrics, and cloth toys to be chewed by the dog. 

Chew toys will also help the dog by keeping their teeth clean and give them some flavour of food.

How to choose a good Chew toy:

There are certain things to consider before buying your dog a toy to chew and play with.

  • Material: The material of the chew toy matters the most. The chew toy should be made of a material that the dog likes to chew. The choice might depend upon the breed of the dog or what the dog personally likes. 
    It should not be made of harmful material that can damage the teeth of the dog. The most common materials used for chew toys are plastic, fabric, nylon, etc.
  • Durability: Before buying the toy, make sure to check how durable it is. If your dog is a strong chewer, maybe he needs a more sustainable and robust chew toy. Small chew toys will break or wear off if strong chewers chew them for long.
  • Size: Another aspect is to check the size. Small dogs will feel uncomfortable chewing the large toys because it doesn’t fit in their teeth or mouth. If Large dogs try to chew small toys, they can end up swallowing them, which is very dangerous. 
    So choose the size of the toy according to the size of the dog.
  • Special Features: Some chew toys have unique features like a hole inside them to stuff things, Bouncy material to allow the dog to play with it, flavored toys to make the dog get some flavor while chewing it. Keep an eye for extra features in the toy to make the dog happier.

In this article, we will tell you what is the best chew toy for dogs.

This chicken-flavored chew toy is the best chew toy you can get for your dog. 

Your dog will not only love the flavor but also the texture and feel of the toy in his mouth. This toy’s price ranges from 6$ to 20$, varying upon different shapes and sizes.

All kinds of sizes are available for this toy, like, small, large, and medium. So this toy can handle little chewers to the several big ones. 


  • It is Chicken flavored.
  • The design of nubs and ridges can help in cleaning and brushing of teeth.
  • Not costly
  • Sturdy and Durable


  • The toy can wear off with time.
  • Need to replace after sometime.

This super-affordable chew toy is perfect for your wallet and your dog. It costs just 6$, and it is shaped like a ball, which is the favourite object of any dog to play with.

This toy has a hole that can be used to stuff in food like nuts, dog food, butter, etc. to make it more fun for the dog. 

Ball like shape gives it a perfect bounce and makes it easy to play with. So not only for chewing, but this toy can also be used for playing.


  • It can float in water. The dog can play with it in a bathtub, pool, beach.
  • Very bouncy.
  • Can put food inside.


  • Not for strong chewers.

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This is the most common and most popular amongst the dog owners and lovers. 

It is popular because it can be used as a toy to play with the dog. Its elasticity and ability to bounce makes it a perfect toy to play with. When the doggo is not in the mood of chewing, you can pick the toy and play with him. It has various sizes and is perfect for medium-sized dogs. 

Strong chewers might not prefer it. 

Kong Classic dog toy has a hole that can be used to stuff things like food inside and make your dog more interested in the toy. 


  • The rubber is of good quality, and dogs love to chew such rubber.
  • Not made of any synthetic material that can harm the dog
  • Comes in many sizes


  • Not for large dogs or strong chewers.

This toy is also super affordable and costs not more than 5$. It is beneficial for growing puppies who grow a strong urge to chew something. The coolest feature in this toy is that its outer layer can be frozen by making it wet and putting it inside a freezer. 

This makes it crunchy from outside and soft from inside — a perfect toy for the dog.


  • Feel of the material can make a puppy happy.
  • It can be frozen and can give a cooling sensation to the dog’s teeth.
  • Very long, about 5 to 6 inches


  • Not for large dogs that chew strong.

This chew toy is also suitable for small puppies. It has three small rings interlocked to each other. The unique thing about this toy is the bacon flavour that it provides. If your puppy loves bacon, then this is a perfect choice.


  • Comes in bacon flavor.
  • Helps in cleaning the teeth of a puppy


  • Not suitable for large dogs and aggressive chewers.

The size of this Rubber toy is enormous. It is 12 inches large. The most distinctive feature of this toy is the “S” shape and the flexibility of this toy. The shape and flexibility make it fun to chew with for the dog.


  • It can float in water.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for strong chewers.


  • Too long for small puppies.
  • Huge dogs might break it.

A small chew toy for little puppies. This toy is designed in the shape of a star. The shape lets the puppy chew and hold the toy quickly.

It also has a rope attached to it for your puppy to drag the toy anywhere.


  • Suitable for small puppies.
  • Satisfying feel and texture for the dog.


  • Not suitable for aggressive and large dogs.

This is popular because of its durability. It is one of the most durable chew toys you can get for your dog. This toy can withstand strong and aggressive chewers with ease.

It is shaped like a doughnut, which makes it easier to hold in the mouth of the dog.


  • Very strong.
  • For healthy and weak chewers.
  • Comfortable to hold in mouth.


  • Hard to play with.
  • Cannot stuff anything inside.

Many dogs like to chew soft and plushy material. It is quite reasonable. Plush chew toys are soft and make a squeaky sound that the dog might like. 

If your dog also likes to chew soft stuff, then this might be the right choice. It is shaped like a soft fur ball, which makes it looks cute and attractive.


  • Very strong for strong chewers.
  • Makes a loud noise


  • Loud noise can disturb others.

Some dogs also like the texture of wood to chew. If your dog likes to chew small wood sticks, this toy is for him. Real wood sticks can hurt the dog as they can break and has splinters in it.

A wooden chew toy is a perfect choice as it doesn’t break and gives a wood texture for the dog to chew.


  • Suitable for dogs who love to chew and play with wood sticks.
  • It doesn’t break into smaller pieces.


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers.

Another big chew toy for big dogs and aggressive ones. It is shaped like a bone, which is the ideal shape for the dogs. 


  • Many sizes available, ranging from small to medium to large and extra-large.
  • Suitable For strong chewers.
  • The toy comes in Many Flavors.


  • Not easy to play with.
  • Can wear off with time.

Another squeaky toy that makes a squeaky noise when chewed. Loved by many dogs. The material is made of non-toxic material and is perfectly healthy for the dog.


  • Suitable for aggressive chewers.
  • It Makes a squeaky noise.
  • Floats on water.


  • Can choke the dog if swallowed.

A very strong and durable toy for any dog. Its textures are rough, which makes the dog more happy chewing it. This toy also has the sensation and smell of mint for the dog. 


  • The toy can float on water.
  • The ball has holes in it for more elasticity.
  • Bouncy which makes it fun to play with.


  • Not for aggressive and strong chewers.
  • Not comfortable to hold in the mouth.


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