What is the best Dog Food on the Market?

We have reviewed many dog foods available in the market and these are the top 3 of them that you can buy for your dog.

what is the best dog food on the market?

Dogs love to eat and will eat everything that smells good. These little furry beings are very energetic and run here and there all day. It is our responsibility as their superiors and their caretakers that they have sufficient energy inside them to live a healthy life.

We, the intelligent beings, have to make sure that our little family member gets enough nutrition in his diet and get all the source of energy for his daily schedule.

There are lots of brands in the market that sell dog food with different nutrition and calorific values. Not all of these brands provide excellent quality of nutrients, and not all of them are worth their price. If the customer is not an experienced dog owner, he/she can easily get baffled by the percentages of nutrients written on the package. 

Dogs do not have digestion and metabolism rate like humans and have different requirements of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins. They need a very high protein diet to fulfill their body needs. If you don’t which ingredients are essential and which food will be best for your dog, don’t worry, we are here for you!

In this article, we will talk about what is the best dog food on the market. We will also tell you what the essential ingredients and nutrients that your dog should have in his diet are.

Essential Ingredients and Nutrients for Dogs

Below are some nutrients that are important for your dog to have in his daily diet.


One of the most vital ingredients to have in a portion of dog food is meat. Real meat like fish, chicken, mutton, beef, etc. contains an abundant amount of protein that is essential for any canine. At least one meal in a day is required to have an adequate amount of protein for the dog, and the only source which is natural and provides an ample amount of protein is meat. So don’t forget to include a meat meal for your pooch in a day.


Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the dog. Dog needs an ample amount of carbs to generate energy for various tasks like playing, running, or any daily exercises. Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars that the dog can easily digest and absorb.


As humans, we should avoid having diets having lots of fats as they cause problems inside if digested excessively. It is not different in the case of dogs. While the fats are considered as essential nutrients that help the dog in absorbing vitamins, they should not be taken in high quantities.


There are so many vitamins, and each vitamin has its role inside the body of a living being. For dogs, vitamin A is essential for his fur and skin, and Vitamin E is necessary for his immune system. Keep an eye on vitamin intakes of your dog. Getting every vitamin in the right amount is very important for the proper functioning of the digestive system, immune system, and other vital portions.


They are the same as vegetables. Not very necessary to give to your dog but contains specific vitamins and other components good for dog’s health.


Dogs have to stay hydrated. Always keep a fresh bowl of water for your dog to drink. Also, look for moisture amount in the dog food so that he can get some amount from the food directly.

Best Dog Food in the Market:

Origen is a US-based dog food producer. Origen’s Dog food is highly enriched in minerals and proteins. It has up to 90% meat and almost 38% crude protein. The amount of protein in Origen’s dog food is three times the typical dog food. 

This Dog food also has low carbs content of about 20%, which is sufficient for the dog. All the carbs in the meal are very easily digestible and grain-free.

Origen produces premium-quality dog food, which is biologically perfect for any dog. No doubt why this is one of the best picks for your dog to eat.


  • Protein-enriched food.
  • There are Sufficient but not excessive carbohydrates in the diet.
  • It is grain-free.
  • It contains about 38% crude protein.


  • Origen only makes dry dog food, and no wet food product is produced by them.
    Some ingredients in this food might trigger an allergic reaction to some dogs. So be careful while you are serving your dog.

One of the best-wet dog food available in the market is the Blue Buffalo. Wet foods are more beneficial than dry foods because they have fewer fats and carbohydrates and more moisture. 

There are many recipes and formulas provided by blue buffalo that a customer can buy according to the needs of his dog. The company uses the most natural ingredient in its dog food.

There are absolutely no primitive additives, by-products, and other artificial products that are added into Blue buffalo dog food. 


  • The dog food ingredients are of high quality and natural.
  • There are many recipes and formulas produced by the company.
  • Every recipe has low fats and is grain-free.


  • The company has recalled its products several times in history due to some mistakes.
  • Some proteins and ingredients in the food can trigger allergic reactions in some dogs. The customer is advised to be careful while serving the dog.

Most dog foods are prepared by processing them through high temperatures. While the heat might kill the bacteria and give it a bit of taste, it also kills a certain amount of proteins and calorific value in them.

Primal Pet Products Dog Food produces raw dog food that has not been cooked to high temperatures. Raw Dog food ensures that your dog gets all the proteins present inside the material without any other supplements. 

Raw food cannot be kept outside in a bowl or anything. It should be kept inside a freezer to prevent it from rotting.

Primal Pet Products are certified and one of the best raw dog food producers in the market. Their products contain 100% pure premium quality food enriched with proteins for your dog.


  • Raw dog food has more proteins and calorific value than standard dog food.
  • The food is 100% pure and anti-steroid.


  • Raw food is to be stored at freezing temperatures to retain its freshness.
  • It is expensive than standard dog food. 
  • A proper feeding amount is to be served to the dog to avoid obesity.

Canidae provides a premium quality dog food containing digestible carbohydrates and enriched with protein. This nutritious and grain-free food is all your dog needs in his diet to get the required biological energy. 

Canidae has offered seven recipes for dogs of different tastes. 

It is also one of the dog food producers that provides different recipes for puppies, large dogs, and old dogs. Canidae has been in the business of dog food for 20 years now and is one of the top quality and affordable choices.


  • It provides the required proteins and digestible carbohydrates.
  • Different recipes are provided by the company for a different size and ages of dogs.
  • The dog food is affordable and not very expensive to buy.


  • In 20 years of the company, there are some cases where they have to recall some products because of complaints.
  • The food might contain some proteins that can trigger allergic reactions in some dogs.

If buying dog food frequently is hurting your pocket, then don’t worry. Whole Earth Farms Dog Food is the cheapest and one of the best dog food you can get in the market.

Dog foods can be expensive and are less in quantity. It can be tedious to buy a packet or can of dog food frequently. Whole Earth created an affordable option with the right amount of food inside the package. 

The food produced by Whole Earth is pure and does not contain any corn or artificial additives. They also offer about ten different recipes. You can buy what your dog likes the most.


  • The dog food is very affordable.
  • It is pure and does not contain any additives.
  • The company offers ten different recipes.


  • There are some proteins in the food that can alert allergic reactions in some dogs. Customers are advised to be careful while serving.

Grain-free food ensures that the dog doesn’t get any un-digestible carbohydrates in his diet. Some dogs do not bother the extra carbs in their diet, but for some dogs, grain, enriched food can trigger some allergic reactions. 

To avoid such situations, taste of the Wild Dog food is an entirely grain-free food that you can feed your dog.

The food is also enriched in the required proteins. The proteins in the food are safe and will not trigger any reaction.


  • The food is completely grain-free.
  • The food contains required proteins that do not trigger any allergic reactions.
  • The carbohydrates in the food are simple and easily digestible by the dog’s body.


  • There is no recipe for large breed dogs.
  • There are minimal options in terms of different formulas in recipes.
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